Dayanna Gil: New details in deadly PSL hit and run

Crash killed high school senior Dayanna Gil

Among the 10 CD's and DVD's released as part of court discovery Wednesday, is the first police interview with Ivette Nieves-Barsuglia.


Wearing a flesh colored shirt and jeans, Ivette Nieves-Barsuglia made repeated denials to detectives that she was the one behind the wheel of a car that hit Dayanna Gil back on April 7, as Gil walked to her bus stop that morning.


"I did not hit anybody OK? Nobody," she told Detective Kristin Meyer with the Port St. Lucie Police Department.


Nieves-Barsuglia said she was in an accident that morning, but claimed she was the one hit as she drove to work in Martin County.


"If I had hit somebody, I would have been out there giving them CPR and first aid, OK," she said.


Detective Meyer pressed Nieves-Barsuglia that she could not have left for work at the time, and in the direction she said she did.


 "At 7:30 when you say you were in the neighborhood, the street was shutdown," said Det. Meyer.


Documents show that when Nieves-Barsuglia reached the Martin Correctional Institution where she worked, she asked two inmates who worked in the motor pool to help fix her car.


Hundreds of photographs from the crime scene and the crime lab were also released Wednesday, showing the damaged vehicle, and pieces of hair wedged in the mirror of Barsuglia's car, a car she insisted detectives check.


"When you see that it wasn't my car, you can give me a personal apology alright?  Then you give me a personal apology!," said Nieves-Barsuglia, her voice rising.


"I never hit no damn child, never. 'I don't think you did it on purpose'. Oh my God, ma'am you know what, I want an attorney, this is over."


Nieves-Barsuglia faces charges of vehicular homicide, leaving the scene of an accident and tampering with evidence.

Dayanna Gil's parents picked up her high school diploma during graduation ceremonies in Port St. Lucie over the weekend.