Neighbors satisfied with Tyler Hadley sentence

sentenced to life without parole

PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. --Neighbors of Tyler Hadley are supporting a judge's decision to keep him behind bars for life for the murders of his parents, Mary Jo and Blake Hadley.

Neighbors say the sentencing makes it easier for them to move forward nearly three years after the crime.

Raeann Wallace says the Hadley home was once full of life.

"I remember [Tyler] in a walker toddling down the driveway, then walking down the driveway, then running down the driveway," Raeann said.

Raeann and her husband James watched Tyler grow up. In his teen years, they say they noticed a change. She even talked to Mary Jo about her conerns.

"I said, I don't see Tyler much anymore and she said no, Tyler's making some bad choices," Raeann said.

Raeann says Mary Jo expressed concern about how Tyler acted, who he was hanging out with, and his overall state of mind. She says Mary Jo would cancel plans to stay home with him, worried he might harm himself.

"She felt that Tyler needed her to be at home," Raeann said.

Mary Jo not knowing he'd turn on her and his father Blake, killing them with a claw hammer.

"36 hits on his mom and 39 to his dad? How could you do that I don't care what you're on."

The details haunt the Wallace family still living next door to the Hadley home. "When they said they thought it happened around 5:30- 5:15, it was like oh my lord we were in the driveway. That kind of bothered me a lot," said Raeann.

Raeann and James are both reassured he can't do this again to anyone else.

"Even if he had gotten out in 20 years, what would he be?" Raeann asked.

Raeann hopes with the case coming to a close that there could be a new future for the home.

County records show Mary Jo and Blake still own the vacant, run down home.

Wallace hopes a young family will eventually move in and give it back some life.

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