Neighbors of Hadley family react to the murders, after new documents are released in the case

PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. - WPTV has learned new information in the investigation into the bludgeoning deaths of two Port St. Lucie parents, Blake and Mary Jo Hadley, who police say were murdered by their teenage son, Tyler.

Now, neighbors are speaking out about how the alleged incident has impacted their lives.

Donna Montero lives directly behind the house where Tyler Hadley allegedly killed his parents with a hammer. She said, even though it's been almost a year, she still has trouble looking at the house from her backyard.

"When it happened, I kept thinking, 'My God, I should have done something.' Because I was in my backyard sunbathing that day, but I never heard a noise come out of that house," said Montero.

From her back patio, you can see the windows where Port St. Lucie police found the mangled bodies of Blake and Mary Jo Hadley last July.

According to an investigation synopsis, authorities believe 17-year-old Tyler Hadley killed his parents with a hammer.

Then, while Blake and Mary Jo Hadley's bodies lay inside the family home's master bedroom, Tyler allegedly threw a party.

Montero called police over to the Hadley house when she says the partygoers began popping fireworks around 4 a.m., and the police reassured her that the party was ending.

"They had come over to me and said that they addressed the issue," she recalled. "They said that the party should be breaking up, and they did."

One of the partygoers, Tyler's friend Michael Mandell, told investigators that Tyler claimed to have killed his parents, and said he stole $11,000 and a credit card from them.

The investigation synopsis documents say Mandell also told investigators that after confessing to the murders, Tyler "showed no remorse, no regret, nothing," a statement that Montero finds chilling.

"They gave him everything, and why would you do that to your parents?" she asked.

Mandell also told investigators that while Tyler had thrown a party in the home with his parents' bodies inside, Tyler may have been planning a "second" party.

But, almost a year after that first party, Montero says her neighborhood is still turned upside down.

"I still can't believe I'm living next door to a murder scene. It's hard, it's really hard to sit there and watch this empty house and know the tragedy that occurred over there," she said.

Mike Mandell reportedly told investigators that inside the house, after Tyler allegedly killed his parents, he took a shower, then looked in the mirror and laughed.

WPTV spoke with Mandell's mother by phone.

She said he's been prohibited from discussing the case any further until after it goes to trial in December.

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