Neighbors held a meeting on the Crosstown Parkway Wednesday as appraisals are set to begin

A quiet neighborhood in Port St. Lucie will have an important visitor on Thursday.

"I know how much the appraisal can mean," says resident Butch Post.

An appraiser will evaluate several homes on the future site of the Crosstown Parkway. 

Post doesn't know what he will say. Butch and Bob Post have lived on Coral Reef Street for 34 years.

"This is the area that we think is the most beautiful in the whole world," says Post.

They don't want to say good-bye.

"I know Bob and I have cried about it and we wish it wasn't so," says Post.

But reality has set in. Their home will be seized to make room for the Crosstown Parkway. It will run along West Virginia Drive go over the river and connect to Village Green Drive.

Residents like the Posts will need to be out some time in the next two years.

"They do pay for relocation expenses and all of that's negotiated," says Post.

That's why Post hosted a neighborhood meeting Wednesday night. Dozens of people showed up to listen and ask questions.

Most are against the project but some are okay with it.

"I think we'll enjoy having the highways and the convenience, says resident Todd Matthews.

Environmental activists also attended the meeting.

The Conservation Alliance of St. Lucie says they are fighting the project which still needs permits and that could include litigation.