More layoffs hit Port St. Lucie

Liberty Medical lets nearly 100 employees go

The jobs news in Port St. Lucie keeps getting worse. Just one week after nearly 300 layoffs at Digital Domain Media Group, nearly 100 were let go from another large employer


"We are going to suffer very much in this community. Our restaurants - everything - will be affected," said Elizabeth Zellers, a 25-year Port St. Lucie resident. 


Liberty Medical, a diabetes supply company, let go of 97 yesterday. This, after letting 80 go last month. A spokesman for its parent company, Express Scripts, said the company assessed how it could be more efficient.  The news comes as a blow to city leaders. 


"It is a tragedy for all the people involved, and we recognize that, and we wish we could do more. But, we're just trying to hang on, and we're confident that the things that we have put in place and the things that we continue to work on in the long run will help," said Ed Cunningham, City of Port St. Lucie spokesman.


The city is hiring an economic development director next fiscal year, who will work to bring jobs to the area. That's good news to Roxann Nash. She lost her job a month ago, when the 98-year-old woman she was caring for died.


"It's really hard to find a job now. Nobody wants to hire. Nobody wants to give anybody any kind of insurance of a job. Everything is the computer," said Nash.


Despite the recent layoffs, Liberty Medical says it has more than 2,000 people working in Port St. Lucie. But that's no comfort for people who currently are out of work.


"Prayer's about the best thing, and hopefully, he puts it in other people's hearts to start hiring people," said Nash. 

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