Mitt Romney to stop at Tradition Town Square Sunday, October 7

PORT ST. LUCIE — Hot off the heels of what some are calling a debate "win" for Mitt Romney, the Republican presidential candidate will be visiting Port St. Lucie on Sunday.

Bill Paterson, chairman of the Republican Party of St. Lucie County, has announced via email that Romney will visit Tradition Town Square on Sunday afternoon.

The event is billed as "Victory Rally with Mitt Romney, Port St. Lucie."

Paterson on Thursday said his organization had been talking with the Romney campaign for weeks and extending an invitation to come to St. Lucie County.

"Finally, they contacted me yesterday (Wednesday) and told me that they were going to be making that stop on Sunday," Paterson said. "I'm assuming that they were also waiting for the debate to be over because that's when they gave me the word that I could announce that they would be coming and when they would be coming and where."

Paterson said he's been told that Romney will fly into West Palm Beach but didn't know the time.

Romney also has scheduled stops Friday in St. Petersburg and Saturday in Apopka.

Paterson said he didn't think a limit would be placed on the number of attendees.

In case of rain?

"We're Republicans, we're not afraid of a little water," Paterson said.

Still, he said firm plans aren't in place yet in case of inclement weather.

Jeff Bechdel, communications director for Florida for the Romney campaign, said Thursday that Florida is critical, and that Romney is "more committed than ever to winning Florida and to winning this election."

"I think that the people of Port St. Lucie know they can't afford four more years like the last four years," Bechdel said. "That's going to be the message of the day and that's what he's going to be talking about on Sunday in the area."

Master Sgt. Frank Sabol, police spokesman, said his agency is working on the logistics of traffic control and other matters in anticipation of the event, but nothing has been finalized.

"He's going to come out there and talk to you about the clear choice that folks have in this election, and that is four more years of the last four years, which people know they can't afford, or a real recovery with Mitt Romney," Bechdel said. "There is no doubt that folks saw in the debate last night (Wednesday) that there's a clear choice and Governor Romney is just going to drive that message home."

Bechdel said local officials likely will introduce Romney in Port St. Lucie and speak before him.

"The governor will come out and give his remarks and I'm sure he'll shake a few hands and talk to some folks and that'll be the extent of it," Bechdel said.

Ed Cunningham, city spokesman, said the city likely will shoot video or still images of the event to have a record of it. The footage could be used for publicity purposes if the Obama campaign also comes through and is documented.

"We'd like to use it to show how Port St. Lucie is growing in stature," Cunningham said.

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