Matthew Underwood, Nickelodeon 'Zoey 101' actor, says Port St. Lucie police raid violated his rights

Matthew Underwood, who was arrested on Friday in Port St. Lucie on marijuana possession charges, claims the police raid of his home violated his rights.

According to a statement by Underwood's representative, Ryan Runyon — who was also arrested in the raid — Underwood was targeted due to his interest in opening a hookah lounge in Port St. Lucie.

Underwood said in the statement that officials were holding up the final permits to open the hookah lounge before finally allowing them on Friday evening.

When the raid occurred, according to , police found Underwood in the bedroom with his 17-year-old girlfriend and a small amount of marijuana. In the statement, Underwood admits he has smoked marijuana on occasion, but was surprised by the response:

"I have smoked marijuana on occasion in the past in the safety and privacy of my own home, I would never have expected 12 SWAT members to blow up my door, throw my assistant/driver, my girlfriend, and I to the floor, and raid my home for a piece of trash I smoked a week before."

A court date has not been set for the charges against Underwood and Runyon. Underwood still intends on opening the hookah lounge.