Lyndy, Tanya Warner plan to fly to Ukraine, despite recent violence

PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla.-- The devastation seen by people around the world of the Malaysian Airline plane crash in Ukraine is hitting close to home for a Port St. Lucie family.

Lyndy and Tanya Warner say they’re keeping a close eye on the crisis in what they call their second home.

“I’ve been through that airport numerous times. So that could have been a place I could have been on,” Lyndy said. He says they travel to Ukraine nearly half of the year.

In fact, both have booked flights to Ukraine to visit loved ones in the country within the next month.

Tanya grew up in Ukraine, and both share a second house in the country.

“She’s watching her country fall apart,” Lyndy said.

But their passports are ready, and their itineraries are set to visit Tanya’s son and mother.

Lyndy talked to his stepson Andrey Ageev in Ukraine via Skype shortly after the crash.

“I think it’s terrible. There were 80-children on board,” Ageev said.

Lyndy says there is sadness in the country following the crash. “They are upset about this happened.”

“Are you worried about us flying there, do you think there will be a problem?” Lyndy asked Ageev.

“Oh yea, we’ll see what happens, but yea,” Ageev said.

Ageev described other violent incidents in the country such as bombs being set off in trash cans.

He says he sees more military planes in the air. He also told Lyndy that he has been called to join the Ukrainian military.

“People want peace, living in peace,” Ageev said.

Lyndy says his flight plans aren’t changing, regardless of threatening violence.

“We’ve got to go. Sometimes family even supersedes things like that.”