Lincoln Park Academy parents upset by homecoming dress code

Jeans and sneakers no dresses?

ST. LUCIE COUNTY, Fla. - Audra Macon is frustrated with what she calls excessive, unnecessary changes to the homecoming celebration at the school her children attend, Lincoln Park Academy.

"It's just not what they were promised, or what they deserve," she said of the situation.

After an uproar from students and parents after the dance's cancelation, Principal Alan Cox reinstated it, saying that students had brought solutions to his concerns.

But now there is a new issue: A dress code that Macon says is completely off-base.

"Every other school in St. Lucie County has a homecoming, a real homecoming, that gets dressed up," lamented Macon.

She said the school homecoming advisor, Celine Treamer, emailed her "the administration decided no dresses," and that the students would wear clothing such as jeans and sneakers.

Principal Cox said on Monday that the dress code had not yet been decided, and it was up to the students to decide the code. He responded to an email seeking comment by referring questions to Treamer, who still has not responded to any attempts to contact her.

"I asked for where the decision was made," said Macon. "I was informed that the decision had ultimately been made by the administration, and also the homecoming committee. So I asked 'who was on the committee?' And the emails stopped. "

She said the proposed dress code violates what she calls the "classic homecoming style" of formal wear, and this dance will seem more like a sock hop.

"This is their last chance to make those memories, and your memory of Homecoming is going to be jeans and t-shirts in the gym," Macon said.

Macon said if she doesn't get an appropriate response soon, she will contact all thirteen assistant school district superintendents in St. Lucie County.

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