La Zen nightclub fatal shooting in Port St. Lucie, one dead, suspect in custody

PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. - A fight broke out at La Zen night club in Port St. Lucie Tuesday night that ended in a fatal shooting.

29-year-old  Daymon Omar Anderson and a 22-year-old Alexander Robinson, Jr. began arguing inside the club.

According to Port St. Lucie Public Information Officer Frank Sabol, both men left the club and ended up in the parking lot where Anderson fired multiple shots at the victim, striking him several times in the torso.

Robinson was rushed to St. Lucie Medical Center where he was pronounced dead.

Officers on the scene quickly confronted the suspected gunman and took him into custody. He has not been charged.

Wednesday afternoon police said in a statment that "after consultation with the State Attorney's Office and based on the evidence obtained through the investigation thus far, the Port St. Lucie Police Department does not have sufficient evidence to arrest Daymon Anderson for unlawful homicide."

Police said Anderson has been cooperating with detectives.  

Police say this is the first fatal shooting of the year in Port St. Lucie, but not the first time an incident has occurred at the club.  

"We do have some instances that we respond to out here. We have had fights in the past, stabbings. We have had robberies in the parking lot so there is some activity out here and we've been working with management to see what we can do to prevent some of these situations that we respond to 'cause we don't want people to get hurt," Port St. Lucie Master Sergeant Frank Sabol said.


Jamel Lanee of NewsChannel 5 contributed to this report.

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