Justin M. Carreiro arrested for attempted robbery of Port St. Lucie Bonefish Mac's restaurant

Former waiter caught after seeking $2.93 paycheck

On Thursday, August 29, 2013, Port St. Lucie Police along with Stuart Police and the Martin County Sheriff's Office arrested Justin M. Carreiro, 39, for burglary, criminal mischief, resisting officers and outstanding warrants for grand theft and fraud.

Carreiro worked as a waiter at Bonefish Mac's restaurant at 662 SE Becker Road in Port St. Lucie.

Between August 3 and August 11, Carreiro would add an extra "0" to the tips he was receiving from customer.

Carreiro was fired after the management discovered what he was doing.

Management from the restaurant tried to work with Carreiro and arranged for him to pay back the money he stole from customers.

After Carreiro failed to follow through with payments, Police Detectives secured warrants for his arrest on charges of grand theft and fraud.

Carreiro eluded capture until August 28, when he contacted Bonefish Mac's wanting his final paycheck in the amount of $2.93.

Carreiro sent his girlfriend to pick up the check that evening.

Bonefish Mac's restaurant was broken in to during the early morning hours of August 29, 2013.

The suspect entered the building through the roof then broke into the office of the restaurant and tried to crack open the safe.

The suspect was unsuccessful and left the restaurant after failing to enter the safe.

The would-be thief appeared to be familiar with the restaurant's layout.

Surveillance video shows the suspect covering security cameras with a shirt, towel, and even opening an umbrella to block the view of a camera.

Carreiro was identified as the burglar by restaurant management and Port St. Lucie Police Detectives through the use of surveillance from the business.

Detectives tracked Carreiro to the Clarion Hotel in Stuart, Florida.

Port St. Lucie Detectives along with Stuart Police went to the hotel to arrest Carreiro.

The suspect spotted police and fled into the woods next to the hotel.

Martin County Sheriff's K-9 and helicopter converged on the area. and Carreiro was flushed out of the woods and captured.

Carreiro was taken to the Martin County Jail where he remains facing charges of burglary, criminal mischief, and resisting arrest.

Carreiro also faces charges from Port St. Lucie on the warrants for fraud and grand theft.

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