Joshua Campbell accused of breaking the leg of his four-month-old daughter

Police: Daughter's crying triggered outburst

PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. - A Port St Lucie man who was upset that his 4-month-old daughter would not stop crying is charged with breaking her leg, according to Port St. Lucie police.

Officers say that Joshua Campbell and his wife brought the infant to Lawnwood Medical Center with a spiral fracture to the child's femur.

The parents first told police that the child was kicking her legs in her crib and they heard a "pop."

Police say the girl's mother later told them that Campbell has anger issues and the baby was crying.

According to police, she said Campbell held the baby by the shoulders and said, "Stop it now. Stop it Now!" The baby was then dropped on the bed and Campbell pulled on her leg at which time a pop was heard.

When police interviewed Campbell, they say he first denied hurting the child.  

They say he later changed his story and said that he did not intend to fracture the baby’s leg. 

Police say Campbell eventually admitted to pulling the baby’s leg.

Campbell was booked into the St. Lucie County jail on aggravated child abuse charges.