John Lasecki worked for Port St. Lucie for 18 years. He was killed in a car crash Tuesday

PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. - Port St. Lucie city workers are mourning one of their own.  John Lasecki was killed Tuesday in a car crash along with his wife. His son, also named John, was injured in the crash and remains in the hospital.

Lasecki began his career with the city doing landscaping but he worked his way up. Coworkers say he was dedicated not only to his job but also his family.

"It's a big shock for everyone and it's overwhelming," says Roger Porter, John's supervisor at the water facility off Prineville Street.

Lasecki worked for the city for 18 years and rarely missed a day. When Porter saw the accident on news reports, he knew the car looked familiar.

"I called John to make sure it wasn't him and it went straight to voice mail," says Porter.

Sadly, it was John. The city quickly contacted all his coworkers.

"I made all the calls at the plants," says water facility superintendent Pierre Vignier, "A lot of the operators knew him, worked with him. The news spread pretty quick."

Lasecki did maintenance at the water facility.  Vignier says he was the one who made sure when you turned on the faucet at home water came out. Lasecki took that job very seriously.

"He was always on the go," says Vignier, "We had to tell him to slow down a bit."

His other coworkers made a list of things about John to share with WPTV.  They remember his service in the Navy and his favorite catchphrase.

"He'd say 'bingo bang', knock it out," says Porter, "That's something that me and the guys around the shop we're gonna hang on to that saying."

Porter says Lasecki handmade gifts for his coworkers every Christmas.