Janus Saintil faces a Broward County judge in the death of his son

BROWARD COUNTY, Fla. - Janus Saintil appeared in a Broward County court room Saturday.

Among his numerous charges-- murder, carjacking with a firearm and armed robbery.

According to detectives, on Thursday May 31st, Saintil was in Walmart parking lot with 3 people and his baby, Josiah.

Saintil got into an argument with the baby's mother, Claudia Harriott.

All five of them got into a car and Saintil reportedly forced them by gun point to drive to Port Saint Lucie.

They stopped at home in Port Saint Lucie, where Saintil took the baby into the house.

They later stopped at a second residence.

By 10 p.m. they drove to a gas station where detectives say Saintil tried to force one of the vicitms to withdraw money from an atm.

The victim, Andrew Pennant refused and asked the gas station attendant to call police.

Saintil fled in the car without the vicitms.

The suspect then returned to the house where he left the baby, picked up Josiah and drove to Broward County.

Friday afternoon an officer spotted the car in an apartment complex.

Saintil was taken into custody. 

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