Ivette Nieves-Barsuglia arrested in connection with hit-and-run death of Dayanna Andrea Gil

46 year-old Ivette Nieves-Barsuglia was picked up around 3 o'clock from her home, and our camera was there.

Nieves-Barsuglia lived less than half a mile from a crash scene on Lucero Drive.

She was taken into custody without incident.

It was a week ago Monday when 18 year-old Dayanna Gil was hit while walking to her bus stop.

She died from her injuries last night.

Now on the day of the accident, police identified the car they say was involved and towed it away.

Before it was taken away, we found Nieves-Barsuglia behind the wheel.

She denied being involved and said she was sideswiped on her way to work.

Police said this was a tough case to handle.

Officer Terry Russell, a Traffic Homicide Investigator, said,  "It's a bit disturbing the callousness, just to leave somebody on the side of the road like they were for lack of a better term garbage."

Nieves-Barsuglia had this to say,  "I'm very sorry for that little girl, my heart bleeds for her mother.  I'm a mother myself."

Nieves-Barsuglia faces charges of vehicular homicide and leaving the scene of an accident with personal injury.