Homes for sale in the path of Crosstown Parkway along SE West Virginia Dr. are set for demolition

Buyers claim they weren't warned about project

PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. -- One Port St. Lucie family is preparing to move out of its home just one month after moving in.

Robert Reyes’ home on SE West Virgina Dr. is set to be demolished by the middle of 2015 to make way for the Crosstown Parkway Extension project.

The Reyes say they are disappointed that their real estate agent with Platinum Properties never told them about the project, or the possibility that their new home could become in the path of it.

The project was approved to expand on SE West Virgina Dr. just two weeks after the Reyes bough their home.

"My real estate agent, when I asked why didn't he tell me about this, he told me that he knew about a bridge being built but he didn't know where."

Legal experts say the Reyes’ agent would be required to tell the Reyes about the project if they knew their home could be destroyed or lose value as a result of the project.

It can be difficult to prove whether or not an agent is withholding information.

WPTV called the Reyes’ agent. He has not returned our calls.

Meanwhile, another home is for sale in the path of the project, just two doors down from the Reyes family.

Real estate agent, Gayle Beyer, says she almost helped a potential buyer close on the home.

"Wow. My client almost closed on this home. He could have totally been lost on quite a bit of his money."

Beyer says she canceled the closing when she did her own research.

The Reyes’ home and the home that Beyer almost sold were both foreclosures. As a result, Beyer says the homes may be sold by a third party, and it can be harder for potential buyers and their agents to get information about risks surrounding a home.

Beyer stresses the importance of buyers and agents doing more of their own research.

‪"I pray that nobody else tries to close on it because it's going to be one of the first houses taken. Not a good investment," Beyer said.

WPTV did call, the company selling the foreclosed home on SE West Virginia Dr. A representative said they were unaware of the project, but will update their database with the demolition information.



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