Homeowners along Crosstown Parkway extension route told they can wait to sell homes

Lawsuit pending againt project

PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. -- Should they sell their homes, or stick it out? People who live along the approved route for the Crosstown Parkway extension bridge have a decision to make.

Legal experts are telling them they don't have to sell their homes to the city of Port St. Lucie just yet.

Attorney Rob Hartsell represented the Conservation Alliance of St. Lucie County, which filed a lawsuit against the project in May.

Hartsell says the city is taking a gamble by buying homes before the lawsuit is settled. If successful, the city would have to chose a different route, which would affect different homes, according to Hartsell.

"They might want to hold off on making decisions until the lawsuit is settled," said Shari Anker, President of the Conservation Alliance of St. Lucie County.

Anker knows some residents don't want to be put back in a limbo, wondering if they should wait or move ahead with a sale. "Some people are ready to move, but there are others who just love where they live," Anker said.
Until the city starts eminent domain proceedings, Hartsell says residents can wait to sell.

Homeowner Victoria Vazquez, however, doesn't want to wait around. "I would like to settle this as soon as possible. We have already been waiting," Vazquez said.

"I don't want it to be an inconvenience to anyone, but the thing is, we need to stand up," Anker said.

The lawsuit was filed against the Department of Transportation and the Federal Highway Administration.

A spokesperson from the city says it will still proceed with appraisals as the lawsuit is pending.