Dayanna Gil: Hit and run victim's family wants safer streets

18-year-old PSL woman hit walking to bus stop

"She was a beautiful angel a beautiful person."


Gustavo Arzuaga says for getting straight A's, his stepdaughter Dayanna Gil could spend an extra week over spring break visiting family in New York.


"When she had something in mind, she would accomplish it. One way or another," said Arzuaga Wednesday from his home in Port St. Lucie.


The day after she returned from the trip, Dayanna was hit by a car as she walked to the bus stop. She died a few days later in the hospital.


"The only kid I had to worry about and to have saved is gone, taken from me," said Arzuaga as his wife sat next to him sniffling.


Now Arzuaga is joining a community effort rallying for safer conditions. He's realistic that putting in new sidewalks in his community could take years.


"How many other innocents are going to have to hit the ground? We can change some things for the safety of our kids," said Arzuaga.


He sees people race through his neighborhood and believes other things can be done in the short term.


"Little things like stop signs, speed bumps. They can be addressed and wouldn't be 20 years from now. " said Arzuaga.


Arzuaga wonders if starting the school day later would prevent kids from walking in the dark.


"It's not going to keep our kids 100% safe but at least it will give us a little piece of mind," he said.