Government shutdown shuts out consumers from buying new homes, Florida IRS tax workers on furlough

Bankers unable to verify tax information for loans

PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. -- - The government shutdown is shutting out homebuyers from grabbing the keys to their new homes.

The stalemate taking place in Washington D.C. forced most local IRS offices to close with employees on furlough.

Without anyone at the IRS to pick up the phone, homebuyers like Ernie Garcia and his family cannot move into their new home.

"The inventory is already low as everyone knows, we finally found a house and we just want to get in there," said Garcia. "Then we hit this wall."

The wall Garcia is talking about is the government shutdown. With IRS agents on furlough, there is no one to verify his taxes to complete his load.

"Something so simple and yet too complicated," said Garcia.

When his mortgage banker Joshua Ulmer calls the IRS, he gets a prerecorded voice message. Ulmer cannot get Garcia into his new home or any other new clients.

"If it goes on for more than a week, it could impact my pipeline of people buying homes," said Ulmer of Ideal Lending Solutions.

While Ulmer worries about the recovery of the housing market and that it could plummet, Garcie said he is concerned that interest rates could rise.

"I'm at the mercy of lawmakers, I'm at the mercy of my mortgage broker and everybody else that's holding me back," said Garcia.

The IRS has yet to release any details surrounding the tax verification process.

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