Gov. Chris Christie cheers on New York Mets at Tradition Field in Port St. Lucie

PORT ST. LUCIE — New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie bridged the gap from political scandal to America’s pastime on Sunday afternoon.

While on vacation with his family, the governor and potential 2016 Republican presidential candidate attended the New York Mets’ game against the Atlanta Braves at Tradition Field.

A lifelong New York Mets fan, Christie was a guest of the Wilpon family and was seated, along with his sons Andrew and Patrick, in a suite behind home plate.

And at least he had something to cheer about as the Mets beat the Braves 8-2.

Through Mets’ public relations spokesperson Jay Horwitz, Christie relayed the message he is on vacation and would not be addressing the media.

On Thursday, Christie was one of a number of likely Republican presidential candidates who spoke at the 2014 Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, an annual conference for conservative activists.

Following a speech by Texas Senator Ted Cruz about Republicans sticking to their principles, Christie gave a speech about the importance of winning the White House that earned applause from the audience, according to the Associated Press.

Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky won the conference’s straw poll vote with 31 percent of the count over Cruz (11 percent). Christie finished fourth with 8 percent, behind third-place Ben Carson, who had 9 percent, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Christie was criticized by fellow Republicans in 2012 when he praised President Barack Obama after Hurricane Sandy devastated the state a few weeks before the national election between Obama and GOP nominee Mitt Romney.

Christie was not invited to last year’s conference and his approval ratings began to fall near the end of 2013.

Christie is now involved in a scandal involving the George Washington Bridge and the city of Fort Lee, N.J. Christie’s staff members have been accused of conspiring to create traffic lane closures on the bridge last September in a move of political payback.

An investigation into the allegations is continuing.