Fingerprint reader an important tool for Port St. Lucie police

PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. - Port St. Lucie police are using high-tech tools to get quick results on potential lawbreakers-- and one man who officers say tried to lie about his identity went to jail because of the instant feedback.

Police say a fingerprint reader enabled officers to immediately identify a man they say is a habitual traffic offender, who was suspected of driving drunk with a revoked license.

Officers say Felipe Martinez gave a false name after he was pulled over for a broken taillight, and in the past, it might have taken days to identify the suspect-- but with the fingerprint scanners, results came back quickly.

"It's very helpful for the police, and very efficient for us, because it only takes seconds, once the police officer scans the fingerprint, and it goes to FDLE and we get a response back right away," said Port St. Lucie Police Sergeant Frank Sabol.
Martinez is facing several charges, including giving a false ID and DUI.

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