Fight at Northport K-8 caught on surveillance, parents react

PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. - After getting a first look at surveillance video captured in Northport k-8 in Port St. Lucie, parents are learning more about a fight between students.

Police released the video Thursday that shows six 7th graders bullying one of their classmates in a hallway.

Some parents said they had heard about the fight through their children when it happened near the end of March. Others say they knew of no violence before the video was released.

Donna Fassilis has three daughters at Northport. "It's gut- wrenching, it really is. That could be my kid," Fassilis said after seeing the video.

She wonders why no one heard or stopped the fight. Her daughter told her there was a fight several weeks ago, and didn't know the extent of the fight until now.  " She just thought the kids were exaggerating, like people talking," said Fassilis.

For 7th grade parent Marlene Arrington, she never heard of any violence at the school until Thursday. The video leaves her with questions.

"What are they doing out in the hallway instead of in class learning what they're supposed to be learning?"asked Arringtom.

Both parents worry about those seen passing the fight.

"I don't want that to be my kid that that happens to. They just walk by like they don't see it," said Arrington.

Parents say they use the school would have notified them about the fight. Other say the school does a good job  notifying them of any problems.


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