Family members of swimmer who died in surf remember 26-year-old Surendra Sri Thakur

PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. - About 30 family members have gathered in Port St. Lucie to remember a man who died after a swim on Christmas Day.

The body of 26-year-old Surendra Sri Thakur is being examined for the cause of death, but his family believes a rip current pulled him under.

Around noon on Sunday, Thakur was swimming with his cousin off Avalon Beach.

Witnesses say a rip current took over.

Thakur never resurfaced. Port St. Lucie sheriff's deputies say a woman paddled out to his cousin and pulled him onto shore safely.

"The one who was rescued, I told him about the rip current. So, that really bothers me right now that we have the one that is saved, and ...," the men's uncle Charles Dutchin broke off.

Deputies found Thakur's body about a quarter mile from where he was last seen.

Dutchin says he'll remember his nephew as a quiet, casual, family-oriented kind of guy.

"We're gonna miss him, but we have to celebrate his life," Dutchin insisted. "Folks are saying, 'well, there isn't anymore Christmas.' I said, 'well let's think about the people who have died in Iraq. This is just one young man who is gone. We've got to celebrate his life.' "

Thakur's mother planned to fly in Monday night from Canada.

When she arrives at her brother's house, she'll find a family that is not only fondly remembering a life lived,  but celebrating another that was saved.

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