Edward Thomas Termini: Suspect in 2,500 pounds of scrap metal theft arrested

Port St. Lucie police announced the arrest of a suspect believed to be involved in a scrap metal theft where the pieces of metal were valued at more than $7,000.

According to a news release, police used a Metal Theft Investigations System, called LeadsOnline, to help identify Edward Termini as the driver of a Nissan pick-up truck that was seen by witnesses leaving a business in the 600 block of S.W. Lakehurst Drive, with the stolen scrap metal in the bed of the truck.

Police met with Termini on March 13th regarding the theft of 2,500 pounds of rebar and 38 scaffolding frames from the business.

"With LeadsOnline, I saw clear photos of Termini scrapping scaffolding, exactly like the scaffolding I showed him earlier in the day but he initially denied, sitting in the back of his pickup truck,” said Detective Richard Giaccone in a release.

Termini confessed to stealing the items after police showed him the evidence obtained through LeadsOnline.   

Termini was charged with two counts of grand theft. While he was released on bond, he was arrested for shoplifting the following day in Fort Pierce.