Dyanna Gil's family met with Port St. Lucie's mayor to fight for safer streets

PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. - A family continues their fight for safer streets in Port St. Lucie.  Dyanna Gil was walking to a bus stop last month when she was hit by a car.  She died a week later.

On Tuesday her stepfather met with the city's mayor to urge her to make improvements.

"We have the power to change the system in Port St. Lucie," says Gus Arzuaga.

Arzuaga wrote a letter to Mayor JoAnn Faiella last week.

"That was something that came from the heart," says Arzuaga.

Arzuaga's family came over Tuesday evening to talk with the mayor but they missed her.  Arzuaga says the mayor arrived one hour early, stayed for about 15 minutes and gave him a letter expressing the city's sympathy for their loss.

Arzuaga is hopeful that Mayor Faiella will take up the cause to put in more sidewalks throughout the city.
"The system has got to do something as far as the safety of the other kids out there cause again my reason to be here is no longer with me," says Arzuaga.

Gil was hit walking to a school bus stop on Lucero Drive. Arzuaga says drivers speed up and down Lucero Drive.

"It's straight up and that's where a bus stop goes," says Arzuaga.

Port St. Lucie has many streets like Lucero Drive.  Arzuaga says it needs to add more sidewalks, speed bumps, stop signs and lights.  He worries another child could be killed.

"I know like every other parent knows and every other person who lives in here we do need the sidewalks, we do need the lights," says Arzuaga.

Mayor Faiella invited Gil's family to a city council meeting next week on May 20 for a discussion.