Driver hits Port St. Lucie Verizon store, injures man, police say

A woman motorist drove into the Verizon store at 10317 S Federal Highway Friday morning, according the the Port St. Lucie Police Department.

Helen House. 92, accidentally hit the gas instead of the brake, police said.

She struck 93-year-old Thomas Ochalek of Port St. Lucie who was inside, police said. He was transported to a hospital for treatment and later flown to Lawnwood Medical Center. According to his son Michael, Ochalek is in "critical stable condition" and has no head trauma.

"I just pray that God is with him and takes care of him because it's my fault that I did this you know, and I just pray that he's all right," House said.

Two employees were not hurt.

Surveillance video below shows the accident. WARNING: Video is graphic; discretion is advised.