Douglas Schultz: Corrections officer facing DUI, child neglect charges

PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. - A Treasure Coast correctional officer is accused of driving drunk with his two young kids in the car.  Douglas Schultz was pulled over in Port St. Lucie on Monday after he yelled at a police officer from his car. An officer reports that the two children inside Schultz's car appeared frightened.

Schultz is charged with child neglect and driving under the influence. He is a sergeant at the Martin Correctional Institution.

According to police, Schultz had a lot to say as he sat in the back of a police cruiser on the way to jail.

"The subject was a little belligerent and was kind of verbally abusive," says Port St. Lucie Police Department spokesman Sgt. Frank Sabol.

Sgt. Sabol says the officer then pulled out a department issued recorder and taped the entire conversation. 

On the audio recording, Schultz is heard cursing at the officer and accusing police of setting him up.  Detectives and officers on the road are issued recorders to interview people. It's also a form of protection.

"A lot of complaints come through sometimes saying the officer was mean to me or rude," says Sgt. Sabol.

The device hooks up to their computer and everything on it becomes part of the official case file.  So when people are arrested everything they say can and will be used against them.