Digital Domain remains auctioned this week

Computers and furniture among millions in items

PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. - The remains of Digital Domain go on the auction block Wednesday.

Need a nice office chair? Computer equipment? How about a conference table with an airplane wing on its underside?

Those are just some of the nearly 1-thousand lots up for auction this week at the former Digital Domain Studios in Tradition.

"This is the general consumer that can buy chairs, computers, TV's, monitors, furniture for their house," said David Weiss with auction house Heritage Global Partners.

Maybe you need a 12-passenger low mileage Sprinter mini-van? Perhaps a ping pong table? Among the bigger ticket items up for auction, giant screening rooms.

On Tuesday, hundreds of people walked through the nearly new 115-thousand square foot building, built with 40-million dollars in bonds from Port St. Lucie.

A group from the Treasure Coast Community Church in Jensen Beach checked out some sound equipment.  The church is moving into a new building in the new year.

"So we're looking not only for ideas, but also possibly get some gear at a cheap cost if possible. Trying to reap the benefits of a bad situation I guess," said Josh Rowell with the church.

If you look in some of the offices, or on some of the white boards, there are remnants of the big project that was underway here, the animated movie "The Legend of Tembo."

Chuck Williams, the director of the project said,  "It's been heartbreaking to be honest since September when this all went down."

September is when Digital Domain shut down, putting more than 300 people out of work.

Williams says despite reports of extravagance surrounding the building, Digital Domain bought most of its equipment on the cheap.

"Most of the equipment and furniture we got was from a studio in California that had gone bankrupt. So we got it very smartly at 20-cents on the dollar," said Williams.

Williams is still trying to hold out hope that his movie will get made here, but he knows it's a long shot, when a lot of these potential bargains head out the door.

If you're interested, you can attend the auction in person, or find out more here.

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