Digital Domain layoffs: Tradition Square businesses feel Digital Domain impact, predict 'big hit'

Restaurants, shops counted on employees

The layoffs of 280 Digital Domain employees on Friday at its Port Saint Lucie office is having an impact on nearby businesses and shops.

 With Digital Domain just down the road from Tradition Square, many employees often shopped and ate at the retail center.

On a busy Saturday night, managers at Tin Fish Restaurant said they have already begun to feel the impact of the layoffs.

"Honestly I was quite surprised because they bring a lot of business to this area, to all of these businesses in the Tradition area," said Richard Mozzott, manager at Tin Fish Restaurant.

Mozzott said the layoffs could mean 280 fewer customers and their families spending their dollars within the community. Mozzott said the Tin Fish and other businesses he spoke with especially will feel the pinch around the lunch hour.

Mozzott said he knew something was not right during the normal rush on Friday.

"About 12:00 p.m. I came in and all of Digital Domain was in here and you could see the look on their faces. Just the despair, like I'm not going to have a job tomorrow. You know what am I going to do to feed my family, what am I going to do to feed myself," said Mozzott.

At Sake Too Sushi, workers claimed they already felt a slowing in business.

"It was pretty much dead," said Ricky Pooritheerangkoon of Sake Too Sushi,"Most of the customers that came in the morning were Digital Domain."

Managers at Sake Too Sushi could not predict the percentage in lost sale but said Digital Domain employees were a big part of their bottom line.

They are hoping something fills the void and that the employees who lost their jobs find new work soon.

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