Digital Domain: Film studios looking for talent in Port St. Lucie

Almost a week after the announcement, two film studios have descended on Port St. Lucie to scoop up talent.

This recruiting session at a Hilton Hotel drew the attention of roommates Ricardo Pagan and Frank Escariz.

They're compositors and digital paint artists. They put the final touches on the 2011 movie "The Smurfs" while at Digital Domain.

"I love it. This is my dream. This is why I'm here in Port St. Lucie. But, we all know what happened … so," said Pagan.

Pagan showed the recruiters from a prestigious film studio in Connecticut his reel and resume. He answered some questions.

Today, he just wants to find a place that will pay him to perform his passion.

"I really don't know what to expect inside, so I'm just hoping for the best, said Pagan.

The Digital Domain community has banded together via Facebook group, where they privately share job prospects. Escariz is a member of the group.

He says his interview went fine, but his one year of experience didn't seem to cut it.

"I think I'm pretty competent, and if they gave me a shot, they would see that," said Escariz.

Digital Domain offered him his first job out of school.

"It felt safe and fun, but I guess it was all a dream," said Escariz. "It's hard to find a steady job in this industry, and seeing I could just be here and work with such talented people on a day to day basis and just learn and grow."

Now, Escariz is hoping to get a job in animation. He says it's not steady work like he wants, but he'll take it.  

Neither roommate has anything lined up so far, so it's back to job searching for now.

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