Daniel Flynn: Veteran arrested for trapping raccoon

PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. -- Vietnam veteran, Daniel Flynn, reflects on his time spent in fighting in the Army.

"I killed women and children. I didn't go to jail for that," said Flynn.

The Purple Heart recipient never imagined he would serve time behind bars for trapping his backyard pest, a raccoon that he says tore his backyard apart.

"I didn't even kill him," he said.

In March, Flynn set up a steel trap hoping to catch the raccoon as a quick resolution, not knowing the trap is considered inhumane.

Flynn says once he caught the raccoon, he called Animal Control himself to have it freed and relocated. "I called and got myself in trouble."

FWC ordered his arrest for illegal trapping which injured the animal, charging him with animal cruelty.

Flynn admits he realizes what he did is illegal, but says he didn't know it at the time. "I didn't want to hurt him and I did feel sorry for that."

But, Flynn wonders why he had to be taken to jail, instead of fined. Flynn suffers with PTSD and says the arrest triggered anxiety.

"I almost did have a break down with the anxiety when they put the handcuffs on me," Flynn said.

A spokesperson with FWC says arrests are situational. There are times when a fine can be given instead of an arrest. A spokesperson says he is reaching out to get that information from an investigator on the case.

"They should have sent me a letter to appear in court and pay a fine," Flynn suggested.

Flynn is paying close to $1,000 in court and jail costs.

Animal Control advises anyone to call them to trap an animal instead of doing it themselves.