Crowds line funeral procession route for Sgt. Gary Morales

Residents show respect for fallen deputy

PORT SAINT LUCIE, Fla. - Long before the funeral service for Sgt. Gary Morales ended, Karyn Drawdy claimed her spot along the funeral procession route.

"It was such a tragedy, and I've been moved to tears every day, I felt the need to be here," says Drawdy.

Drawdy, like many others, didn't know Sgt. Morales, but they knew his sacrifice and wanted his family to feel their support.

"All I heard were good things about him, it shows because there are lots of people out here supporting him," says Mary Conrad.

Residents weren't the only ones along the procession route. The City of Port Saint Lucie and the Saint Lucie West Services District posted up along I-95 to show solidarity as the hearse passed.

"The officer and his family lived in Saint Lucie West, we want to honor him and what he died for in serving our community," says Dennis Pickle, District Manager for Saint Lucie West.

"He's a police officer that sacrificed his life and I'm in awe of what those people do to keep us safe," says Charles Altwein.

Hundreds waited and watched their hero pass by before being laid to rest. A solemn goodbye and thank you for a man who dedicated his life to safety and service.

"It's a shame he's leaving behind a wife and two daughters. It's hard to think of what they can do to move on with their lives," says Elaine Parker.

Carrie Franklin worked closely with Sgt. Morales for eight years, she says she couldn't go inside the viewing to see him in the casket.

"I don't want to see him like that at all, because he's not sleeping. I'll stand out here to pay respects and ride in the funeral procession," says Franklin.

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