Crowbar beating victim thankful for community support

Suspects denied bond Friday morning

A Port St. Lucie man is out of the hospital after two acquaintances beat him with a crowbar earlier this week.


He survived a crowbar attack. Now friends, neighbors, and complete strangers are trying to help him recover from this horrible crime.


Eric Hallman calls himself a lover of people. He can't believe he was a victim of violence and it's almost as hard to believe for him, the amount of support he's now getting. 


 "It was a miracle, the good Lord was there," said Hallman.


Two days ago, Eric Hallman was in a fight for his life.


"If I passed out they were going to kill me. That's what was going through my mind," said Hallman from his front doorway.


Two acquaintances had agreed to mow his lawn. But Wednesday, Hallman says the pair, 20 year-old Hayden Hope and 18 year-old Aurelia Walker, came back armed with a crowbar and began to attack him. He tried to get outside and was dragged back in.


"(They) slammed the door and locked it. That's what I got back up and that's when I realized if I didn't get back out I'd be dead," said Hallman.


Eventually, neighbors heard his cries. Hallman's thumb was nearly severed and the suspects took off.


Port St. Lucie police and the US Marshals arrested the two suspects at a vacant house not far from the crime scene Thursday night, thanks to an alert teenage neighbor.


Garett Samiotis saw the man and woman accused of attacking Hallman. He says seeing all the cops shook up the neighborhood.


"You're never actually safe as you'd like to believe you are," said Samiotis after the couple was found hiding in the attic next door.


Hallman's dog was locked up and couldn't come to his rescue Wednesday but now many others are.


Tammy Whitecotton said she's been grocery shopping for Hallman and a restoration crew cleaned up the home free of charge.


"Good people are still out there. Eric's a good guy, he didn't deserve this and a lot of people pulled together to help him," said Whitecotton.


"People that have come out, yeah it's been amazing. They've put a new twist on Port St. Lucie for me no doubt about it," said Hallman.


Hallman says he's been fighting for his life for a while, battling a terminal illness. He said that Hayden Hope and Aurelia Walker were coming after his prescriptions and his painkillers.


The suspects face a number of charges including attempted first degree murder.



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