City of Port St. Lucie working to create more sidewalks for safe candy collecting

PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. - As a father of three, Michael Campion makes the most of Halloween for his kids, covering the house with decorations.

Campion knows it's hard work that really, only his kids will enjoy.

The Campions live near Melaleuca Blvd. It's one of the busier Port St. Lucie streets that does not have sidewalks.

Campion rarely sees trick-or-treaters. "No sidewalks, and the lighting isn't great for when cars go by, so I don't like to take the risk," Campion said.

The city of Port St. Lucie is working to make the streets safer for kids and pedestrians, not just on Halloween, but year round.

"The city wants everyone in it and everyone walking through it to be safe. The more sidewalks, the better. The more sidewalks that can be approved, the better and the safer the city is," said city spokesperson Jenny Grow.

The city is now several months into a plan to add 15 miles of sidewalks within the city limits. Work continued Thursday on completing a stretch of sidewalks along Melaleuca Blvd.

The new project took input from schools and community requests in determining where the 15 miles of sidewalks will be located.

Campion knows this year, the sidewalks will not be done in time.

Next year he looks forward to having a safe street for candy collecting, even for his own kids.

The sidewalk project is expected to be completed by 2016.

Police say whether you have sidewalks or not, you should dress your children in bright, reflective clothing. Glow sticks work great on costumes to be seen by drivers.

Parents should be with trick or treaters of any age to make sure no one walks into the street.

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