Christopher Rossi: Killed Peter Rossi and Adele Piazzo before taking his own life

Police cite history of tension between the three

PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. - Police in Port St. Lucie are trying to piece together the details that led a man to kill his elderly father and his late cousin’s wife before taking his own life.

Police say 53-year-old Christopher Rossi beat both his father, 81-year-old Peter Rossi and 79-year-old Adele Piazza to death.

Police say they found Peter’s body wrapped in a carpet in the garage.

They say Adele was found in a sealed trash can. They say her body was soaking in a chemical called Lye, which can speed up the decomposition process.

Police found the bodies when they were looking for Adele. They say her son had called police when he hadn’t heard from her in several days.

Neighbors say the Rossi’s lived together for years in their home off of Greenwich Court.

Neighbors say they never saw them acting hostile toward each other.

But, police say there could have been tensions developing over recent years. They documented one situation that called them out to the home, saying it may have been one contributing factor to the violence.

In 2012, police reports show that Peter was concerned that Christopher had left the house, saying he wanted independence, and did not tell his father where he was going.

Police say Peter was concerned that Christopher would harm himself.

Police say Christopher had also taken one of his father’s checks and signed it to himself for $1000.

Police say Christopher did not like having Adele visit the home. Police say she frequently stopped by to visit Peter.

"The female, Ms. Piazza, and Christopher didn't like each other. There had been instances where he had vandalized her car in the past," explained Lieutenant Scott Beck with the Port St. Lucie Police Department.

Neighbors are reacting to the murders, saying it’s very unexpected of the family. “When he came out to get his mail, he seemed friendly, you know? And congenial,” said neighbor David Mabry, speaking about Christopher.

The mail carrier for the street says he talked to Christopher weekly.  "I spoke to him he seemed very happy, enjoyed life and everything," said Richard Sellars.

They spoke just a week ago. Now Sellars wonders, "Why? What happened in one week?”

Beck explained, “It’s a very personal very aggressive attack…. There was definite over kill. There was a lot of anger.”

Police say the murders were well planned out. They believe Christopher also planned to dispose of Peter’s body in the way he had handled Adele’s.

They say there were trash cans in the garage, with double liners, where he also had more access to Lye. They believe he also planned on trying to speed up Peter’s decomposition.

Police say Christopher had also strategically placed at least 7 loaded guns throughout the house, some which were hidden, to be prepared for any confrontation.

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