Carl Anthony Castilow: Two dogs die after man leaves them in car

PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla,--  With temperatures soaring into the 90's, a hot car can be deadly for any animal.

Two dogs were killed Thursday after a man left them in his car, with the windows cracked, at Kaiser Golf University.

"He knew that leaving two big dogs in a car with the windows open only that big, that's just stupid," said animal control officer Karen Leonard.

Carl Anthony Castilow was charged with two counts of animal cruelty after leaving the dogs in the car for at least 30 minutes while taking an exam.

"They cannot, they cannot cool themselves down," said Leonard.

A woman on the campus saw the dogs in the car and called authorities and campus officials to help get the dogs out. They brought the animals inside, out of the heat, and applied ice packs to their stomachs before animal control arrived.

Leonard administered CPR to the dogs. "I'm very sad that both of the dogs died, because it's hard. I worked on them so long," cried Leonard.

One dog died shortly after being found. The other died Friday morning.

Leonard says she sees someone do this every summer, regardless of the warnings. Even in just 30 minutes, a comfortable car can heat up above 100 hundred degrees. "That's like putting someone with a fur coat into the desert and leaving them with no water," said Leonard.

Leonard hopes this will remind people to just leave their pets at home.

"Please people, don't take your dogs to the store, don't take them anywhere, keep them at home if you love them," said Leonard.

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