Man accused of hot coffee attack arrested

PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. - Police said a 42-year-old man is accused of attacking a person with hot coffee.

On Oct. 2 at around 8 a.m., Port St. Lucie police were called to the Circle K located at 701 NW Airoso Blvd. for reports of a fight. 

Once they arrived, police were told that Brian Daubs, 42, had pulled into the parking lot and illegally parked behind three cars, blocking them from leaving. 

Daubs reportedly went into the store and got a cup of coffee.  While inside, a customer asked Daubs to move his truck because he was blocking people from leaving. 

Witnesses said Daubs responded to the customer in an aggressive manner, but left the store without a physical confrontation.

As Daubs exited the store, police said he was asked by another customer if he could move his truck because the customer was blocked in. 

Police said Daubs became angry and approached the victim, who was standing by his car. 

Investigators said Daubs opened the door of the victim's car, poured coffee into the car and then poured coffee on the victim.  Daubs then re-entered the Circle K and got another cup of coffee and left without paying for it, said police. 

Officers located Daubs in the parking lot and took him to the St. Lucie County Jail.   He's charged with aggravated battery, criminal mischief, retail theft and resisting an officer.

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