Brandon Hawkins: Shooter not forgiven by Jamar Young, uncle of 7-year-old shooting victim Emmanuel

It's a story people are still talking about. 

The mother of a 7-year-old boy allegedly shot earlier this week by her boyfriend told WPTV that she still loves and forgives the suspect. 

Now her brother, the boy's uncle, is speaking out. 

He says he wants to set the record straight.

Jamar Young isn't shy about his feelings for Brandon Hawkins.

"I really hate him," says Young.

Young says his sister Jamie was breaking up with Hawkins when the shooting happened Tuesday night. 

According to Port St. Lucie Police, Hawkins shot and killed 69-year-old Levi Williams.

"The man couldn't pick up a tennis racket so there's no reason you should have shot him, you know, that's just a cowardly move," says Young.

7-year-old Emmanuel was also shot. 

He was taken to St. Mary's Medical Center.

Young says his nephew is sedated and has breathing tubes.

"For a young kid like him he's pulling through," says Young, " He's very strong."

The boy's mother, Jamie Young, says she forgives Hawkins.

However, her brother wants to make it clear he doesn't forgive Hawkins and the family does not condone what happened.

"My sister says she forgives him but it's not like 'oh she forgives him' and you know she supports him and everything like that," says Young, "No that's wrong."

Young says he warned his family about Hawkins. 

Two years ago, the two men had what Young calls an altercation.

According to police, Young fired a gun during an argument. 

He was brought up on charges. 

Young says after that he stayed away from Hawkins, his sister's boyfriend.

"Left my family alone, left him alone," says Young, "She said she was gonna be with him so fine be with him."

Young wasn't surprised when he heard about Tuesday's shooting. 

He now hopes Hawkins gets the maximum sentence.

"I do want justice," says Young, "I want him to rot in prison."

Hawkins is charged with murder and assault. 

A judge denied bond on Thursday.