Auden Urias: Port St. Lucie man charged with attempted murder after woman found beaten

PORT ST. LUCIE — Erica Shelley told police she remembered waking up to find "Tap" with his forearm over her throat.

She said "Tap," identified as 37-year-old Auden Urias, was hitting her face during the June 18 incident at an address in the 700 block of Southwest Claudia Avenue in Port St. Lucie. Shelley remained hospitalized for at least a week following the beating.

She told Port St. Lucie police her orbital socket and nose were broken, her forehead fractured and that she can't see.

Police on Tuesday arrested Urias, of the 500 block of Southwest Sara Boulevard in Port St. Lucie, on attempted murder and aggravated battery charges in connection with the case, according to an affidavit released Wednesday.

When police arrived the night of the incident, Shelley was on the floor with blood around her. She told rescue officials that "Tap" hit her before she was taken to St. Lucie Medical Center in Port St. Lucie and then transferred to Lawnwood Regional Medical Center & Heart Institute in Fort Pierce.

A neighbor — whose boyfriend is Urias — told police she found Shelley after Urias told her to check on her. Shelley was in a pool of blood on the living room floor, she said.

Days later, when Shelley was released from the hospital, she told police she didn't know why Urias might have beaten her. She said that she, Urias and Urias's girlfriend were drinking that day and they didn't argue. She said she'd told Urias's girlfriend in the past that she didn't trust Urias and didn't care for him.

Police spoke to a man who said that after the incident Urias told him he went to his mother's house and instructed her to "get bond money" because the police were coming after him for "a body." He said Urias "told him he 'wasn't sure if someone hit her with a hammer or something.'"

Police reported that based on Shelley's injuries, it looked as if "some type of object" was used to hit her..

Urias's girlfriend said she knew Shelley didn't like Urias. She said Shelley called him a curse word when she met him and that Urias had held a grudge since then.

Urias said he'd been drinking beer that Shelley gave him, and gave conflicting accounts of the events that day.

He denied beating Shelley and said there shouldn't be blood on his clothes. A test on a shirt Urias wore the night of the incident was positive for blood.

Shelley also told police she was concerned because her wallet and prescription drugs had been taken. She said Urias's girlfriend is the only person who knows where she kept them.

Shelley said she'd been staying with friends out of the area because she's scared to return home.

Urias was held Wednesday in the St. Lucie County Jail on no bond, a jail official said.

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