Ana Eldrys Lopez Ross, Raul Areces Ramos arrested after cops say they found pot growing in closet

PORT ST. LUCIE — Police made two arrests and discovered nearly four pounds of harvested marijuana Wednesday while searching a home and finding what investigators said was a pot growing room, according to affidavits released Thursday.

Raul Areces Ramos, 42, and 41-year-old Ana Eldrys Lopez Ross each were arrested on charges including marijuana producing, possession of more than 20 grams of marijuana and drug equipment possession and or use after Port St. Lucie police searched their listed address in the 1100 block of Southeast Ladner Street.

When police entered the home, which is situated near Southwest Airoso Boulevard and Southeast Lakehurst Drive, Lopez Ross was in the living room with her two children. Areces Ramos arrived as investigators read the search warrant.

In searching a closet in the master bedroom, investigators found 12 marijuana plants in flower pots and determined the closet had been converted into a pot growing room. High intensity bulbs and lighting, thermostats, timers and other items were found. An additional six pot plants were in the master bedroom, along with fertilizer and nearly 3 ounces of pot in a refrigerator in the bedroom.

About 60 ounces — nearly four pounds — of pot turned up in a bathroom that had been turned into a marijuana drying room.

Areces Ramos and Lopez Ross, both listed as unemployed, declined to speak to police.

The children were turned over to the state Department of Children and Families.

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