About 300 Digital Domain employees now wondering, what's next?

Behind the staggering number of layoffs are about 300 people who are questioning what's next?


The personal stories of the 300 laid-off Digital Domain employees in Port St. Lucie are heartbreaking. Many say they sacrificed a lot to come here. 


Julianna Holzschuh is one of them.


This afternoon, she boxed up her belongings in a cardboard box that the company supplied.


Only 20 employees will return to the Digital Domain offices to close up shop. The others are likely worrying about how they'll pay the bills and where they'll go from here.


Almost two years ago, Holzschuh left friends and family in California for a job at Digital Domain Media Group's Port St. Lucie headquarters. 


"A lot of people left higher paying jobs that were contracts to come out here because they wanted that full time, guaranteed benefits, guaranteed salary. And it's gone now. I don't know how to explain it other than it's absolutely terrible. It's really sad," said Holzschuh.


She says she was blindsided by this morning's announcement that she no longer has a job. Neither does virtually all of the Port St. Lucie workforce. Today, they too carried boxes to their cars, as police stood by on site.


"Anytime that there is a downsizing or a layoff of any type that affects a lot of people, it's just a precautionary measure the police department will show up," said Port St. Lucie Police spokesman Frank Sabol.


Holzschuh says she believed in the company's vision for its local operations. 


"It was what we wanted the effects industry to do, and they were actually doing it. And it was great, and people could raise kids with this plan. We could put down houses, and a lot of people did buy houses. And now, we're left in an industry that is losing more and more jobs," Holzschuh said sadly. 


She says many of her colleagues are now looking at returning to part-time jobs. As for Holzschuh, she's not sure what's next.

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