AAA says Labor Day travelers will be going strong, despite record-high gas prices

Drivers planning to travel for the Labor Day weekend are facing a double whammy when it comes to gas prices. Refineries in the Gulf of Mexico shut down production after Hurricane Issac, and one of the biggest refinery complexes in the world experienced a massive gas explosion in Venezuela.


With lower crude oil production, motorists can expect to pay more.


Albert Savelli of Fort Pierce returned from visiting family in South Dakota and Illinois on Friday afternoon.


"I drove about 35 hours total," Savelli said. "It cost me about $1,200 in gas."


He's filling up his tank, yet again, to take his fiance to Fort Lauderdale for the holiday weekend. "$78.15 for 20 gallons of gas," he explained.


Cameron Garitson of Port St. Lucie said he's staying home this weekend, because gas is too expensive. 


"I don't see how people can afford to go out of town anymore," said Garitson. "You can't even afford to go with a good grade to clean out your system because it's  $4.26 a gallon."


Sandy Snyder with AAA in Stuart said even though we will see a record high cost of gas this holiday, there will still be motorists on the roadways for the final heavy driving weekend of the summer.


"Triple-A projects that it's a 2.9% increase of travel over the Labor Day holiday of last year," Snyder explained.


Savelli said he will be one of those travelers, and for road warriors like him-- every penny pumped in, is worth the pay.


"It's still cheaper than flying, and traveling is fun," he said, with a smile.


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