Police in Ft. Pierce looking for men impersonating officers

FT. PIERCE, Fla. - They're driving the streets of Ft. Pierce looking for victims.

The targets, Hispanic men, likely to be carrying cash and not likely to report the crime.

"A Hispanic male was walking down the street and he was approached by two people in a car with a yellow light." says Sgt. Dennis McWilliams of Ft. Pierce Police.  "Subsequent cases that we've had, we've now found that there was a blue light that these people are using to approach these Hispanic people, impersonate law enforcement officers or immigration officers and then actually commit a robbery."

The robberies began May 1st and there have been at least four more in the last week.

The victims all give different descriptions of the getaway car, a white Maxima, a blue Taurus, a tan Tahoe.

One of the suspects had some kind of Taser.

Two more robberies happened Tuesday morning and in the second, the victim said he saw a gun.

"They've gone from this laser or Taser to now pointing a gun at somebody so we're very concerned about this and we want to go ahead and arrest this person," says McWilliams.

Police identified Curry Cook as one of the suspects and they are looking for him.

So far, no one has been physically hurt but that could quickly change.

Each crime damages the reputation of the real police.

"We work hard to build trust with the citizens," says Officer Joe Coleman.  "When something like this happens, it just causes people to not trust the police and that's definitely what we don't want."

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