Parents, school district devastated by fatal school bus wreck in St. Lucie County

Accident killed 9-year-old Aaron Beauchamp

ST. LUCIE COUNTY, Fla. - The wreck involving a school bus and a semi-tractor trailer that killed one student and injured dozens of others is having a big impact on the Fort Pierce community.

Many of those injured were rushed to nearby Lawnwood Regional Medical Center, where parents stood by and hoped their child would recover.

The images of Monday's crash were hard to look at for many parents; wreckage of a bus that just moments before was full of children.

Parent Neli Montalvo's 4th grade daughter, Cindy, should have been on the bus involved in the wreck.

"Oh my God, I was just like, thank God, you know, and it was like last minute that I decided to go pick her up because I was late," said Montalvo.

Now Montalvo and her young child are devastated for friends and families coping with heartache.

"I just want to know which one died, that's all," said Cindy Montalvo.

The victim is 9-year-old Aaron Beauchamp.

"Obviously it's a terrible tragedy today. Anytime there's an accident of any kind," said Janice Karst, spokesperson for St. Lucie County School District. "But the school staff is shaken as well, as you might expect."

Karst said the cause of the accident and the route the bus was driving is under investigation.

Montalvo, meanwhile, said she trusted bus driver Al Hazen who often sent texts to parents to update them on any delays.

"The bus driver is so wonderful, we trust him so much," said Montalvo. "When he's not around, the we're concerned and I cannot believe it all."

The school district said there will be grief counseling offered on Tuesday at Frances K. Sweet Elementary.

Officials said the services would be offered for as long as they are needed.

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