Military wife wonders how to pay the bills if the government shuts down Friday

PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. - Jennifer Townsend spent the day doing research.

All the articles she read pointed to one paycheck for her husband if the government shuts down.

"If they shut down, if they do not find a budget and actually shut down," says Townsend, "The services members will only receive one week's pay versus the two week pay that they normally would."

Townsend's husband is a Marine, who's served overseas five times.

With two children and another on the way, this family depends on their bi-weekly checks.

If lawmakers can't agree on a budget by Friday, the Townsend's electric bill won't get paid next week.

And it's not just her family Townsend worries about.

It's the men and women fighting on the front lines, her friends, who also won't be getting paid.

"They're going to be sitting on that front line going, 'God, I really don't care about Afghanistan right now because I'm worried if my wife and kids are being fed at home,'" says Townsend. "That's what they're worried about and that's why we're worried because they don't have their head in the game. We wives, we need to make sure our husbands have their head in the game because the last thing we need is for them not to come home."

Townsend hopes federal lawmakers work out a deal by Friday's deadline.

A bill has been proposed that would protect military pay during the shutdown, but it hasn't passed yet.

Time is running out.

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