Floridians For Clean Water to meet in Estero

Floridians For Clean Water to meet in Estero

Environmentalists who went to Washington recently to share their concerns about the health of the Indian River Lagoon are heading on another road trip this weekend.


At first glance, it seems like a fashion faux pas. It is a pair of pants normally worn by Special Forces personnel, covered with netting.


"I started joking around that these are my algae bloomers," said Captain Don Voss.


Voss, who heads the Marine Cleanup Initiative out of Ft. Pierce, is taking this uniform on the road again.


"It's just been a ground swell of people finally getting involved," said Voss.


He's leading a caravan to Estero Saturday for the Floridians For Clean Water rally.


"We've got a little momentum and we want to help them because it's all of our problems," said Voss.


The momentum has been building.


Big crowds greeted Governor Scott at the St. Lucie Locks in August.


A September rally in Clewiston joined East and West coasts.


And the topper was this month's trip to Washington to meet with Congressional leaders about the future of the lagoon.


"It was very electric inside there. We didn't come here and spend our hard earned money and the money of people washing cars and selling cookies to be laughed at," said Voss.


Capt. Voss says the health of the lagoon is no laughing matter.


Tanya Hackney would know.


Her family lives on a sailboat, and she's seeing slow improvements.


"The water color is really pretty, prettier than we've seen in a while," said Hackney.


If you're interested in joining the caravan, you can just look for Captain Don's SUV at the Home Depot parking lot in Fort Pierce. 


They're heading out Saturday at 8 a.m.

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