Four St. Lucie County School District staff members arrested, family of victims demanding change

Staff accused of inappropriate contact with teens

St. Lucie West Centennial teacher, Deron Bauer, is the fourth St. Lucie County School staff member to be arrested this year on allegations of inappropriately contacting or touching students.

Bauer remains in jail on a $210,000 bond.

Family of the victim of one of the other four staff members says the fourth arrest proves more needs to be done to monitor staff in the school district.

Marine and Oceanographic Academy (MOA) teacher, Dan Hussan, was arrested for allegedly inappropriately contacting and touching 7 students earlier this year. The mother of one of the alleged victims says her daughter’s life has completely changed since that happened.

"I don't feel like it's safe to send my daughter back to St. Lucie County schools," the mother said. News Channel 5 is not identifying her to protect the identity of her daughter.

"This is affecting my family, my daughter's well-being, and me as a mother. I have to protect my daughter," the mother said.

Her daughter is now being home-schooled as the stress of going back to the school became too much. “She would vomit on her way to school,” said her mother.

The mother saying the stress of the situation also has her needing professional therapy.

“This is something that will affect her the rest of her life,” she said.

With word of the recent fourth arrest, the mother says she feels sickened. “How is this happening.”

Her lawyer wants to see the school do something more to protect the students. “Now, I’m a lawyer. I don’t run the school system, but something is wrong. Something has gone foul,” said attorney, Lorenzo Williams.

The district says it reviews the Florida Code of Conduct with teachers every year. Bauer’s personnel file shows he reviewed it, along with Hussan and the other staff members.

The district says it will re-review the code of conduct with staff.

"I would hope they would call a meeting among all faculty and staff immediately and make sure they understand that they have a zero tolerance policy about that," said Williams.

"I feel like they should be hands on in every single classroom and see what's going on, if it means installing cameras in the classroom," said the mother.

The school district has not stated publicly whether it plans to do anything more.

"I have my house for sale, I hope somebody buys it so I can move out of the county," the mother said.

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