Windy weather causing expected escarpments along the shoreline on the Treasure Coast

FORT PIERCE, Fla.-- Windy weather is leaving its mark on Treasure Coast beaches, with escarpments several feet high in some areas, including Jensen Beach and the Fort Pierce inlet.

Lifeguards near Jensen Beach expect the escarpments to become taller over the next few days as windy conditions are expected to continue.

But, it's not something to be alarmed about. In fact, that's exactly what the beach is supposed to do.

James David, the St. Lucie County Coastal Management Services Director, says officials have been monitoring the beaches for several weeks. They've been noting how far the water is coming up on the beach, or whether any dunes or structures are being threatened.

David says everything is safe.

Some of that credit goes to a 1.1 million cubic yard beach restoration project earlier in the year.

David says most eroded sand will naturally move south. The escarpments will likely even themselves out in little time.

"In a couple of days it will all be gone and everybody will be out here in their bathing suits and little umbrellas enjoying their beach. It's still going to be here."

David said another re-nourishment project is planned for the spring, and likely the spring the following year.

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