Volunteers help tapped Treasure Coast Food Bank keep up, after almost 400 layoffs in St. Lucie

The Seacoast National Bank employees volunteering at the Treasure Coast Food Bank warehouse have perfect timing. 


In the past two weeks, St. Lucie County was hit with almost 400 layoffs. About 100 were let go at Liberty Medical in Port St. Lucie this week and almost 300 at Digital Domain Media Group last week.


"A lot of people were living paycheck to paycheck, just like most of us do. And to be surprised in that way, that work is over and you're not going to get a paycheck, left a lot of people unsure of where their next meal was going to come from," said Tricia Jenkins, vice president of development at the food bank. 


The layoffs have strained the non-profit organization, which reached out in a big way after Digital Domain announced it was laying off more than 300 people. It has connected victims to resources ranging from food and medicine to advice and gift cards.


Cory Haslam, who volunteered Saturday, knows what it feels like to not have enough food around the house.


"I remember a lot of nights, my parents giving us food and going to bed hungry," he recalled.


Haslam is a Seacoast National Bank branch manager in Jensen Beach. He and 14 of his co-workers sorted four pallets of food to be distributed to the local community. Haslam knows how important it is to give back.


"Any little bit we can do, anything I can do personally, it makes a difference," said Haslam.


Jenkins says the food bank donated nearly eight million pounds of food and essential items to the community this past fiscal year. She says two million of that was fresh produce. 


The bank provides seven meals for every dollar donated. 


If you'd like to help, visit stophunger.org

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