The Treasure Coast Food Bank has seen a drop in dairy donations as milk prices increase

Your grocery bill could get more expensive. The price of milk is expected to increase as much as 60 cents next month according to experts. Already the Treasure Coast Food Bank is feeling the pinch which will impact its food pantries.


Every week volunteers from Sarah's Kitchen serve about 200 meals to people at the First Congregational Church in Port St. Lucie.


"This week we did chicken cacciatore with pasta and noodles," says organizer Roger Wilkos.


Wilkos says they used all the milk they had on Wednesday night. 


"We went through two and a half gallons of milk," says Wilkos.


They get most of their food from the Treasure Coast Food Bank.  


This month, the Food Bank has seen dairy donations drop 4%. That may not seem like a lot but the Food Bank says it's rare to see any drop in milk. 


"This past week in particular the amount of dairy product we're able to get in from our retail stores has been a lot less than we have received in the past," says Treasure Coast Food Bank CEO Judy Cruz.


Milk prices are expected to spike next month.  The increase is mostly due to higher demand here in the U.S. and abroad. The food bank is already making plans in case donations keep dropping.


"We've actually been looking at purchasing larger amounts," says Cruz.


Milk is a staple that many families can't live without. 


"I remember when my kids were younger they could drink a gallon of milk a day," says Cruz. 


Many experts and farmers say the increase shouldn't last long.  They predict milk prices will spike in March but then gradually go down.

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